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HAQOIN H20 Tablet: Unleash Your True Work and Study Potential


While shorthand and cursive are very handy and useful skills each of us starts learning from the very first day of going to school, an unstoppable train of technological progress offers new things, which make our lives more convenient, almost every year. Times of hastily jotting ideas with a pen on the piece of paper are gradually sinking into oblivion. Except for just glorified smartphones, the tablets with keyboards and tablets with stylus have become a new world trend. People choose to use tablets for quickly writing things down, keeping everything organized on a hard drive or net cloud and searching through everything later without losing a single detail or note.

If you're still not sure which note-taking tablet with a stylus would suit you best, just think about the task you want to complete. Consider whether you're using it for studying, web browsing, checking emails, watching films and playing games, writing, drawing pictures, making designs etc. To put it short, if you're looking for a good and powerful tablet for an acceptable price, which will let you multitask doing several things at one time, then Haqoin H20 Tablet is the choice you should make.

Work Capacity

Two things that draw attention are the price and Tablet's work capacity. The price listed on the official website is just 159.99 US dollars with an option of having a discount! Considering that Haqoin H20 is not as expensive as its other competitors, power, quality and wide variety of functions it offers to users can easily keep up with a lot of other more expensive models from other brands. First off, H20 has a powerful 2.0Ghz 12nm processor with enabled AI function and goes with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage. It automatically increases Tablet's speed and capacity, since you can manage several things at once without being afraid that your device will get frozen or the system will crash down. However, the most impressive thing is a memory slot for Micro SD/TF Card with an additional ability of memory extension up to 1TB, which is almost impossible to find in other Tablets in the same price range. If you want to be filling your computer with video clips, audio and other files, 1TB is an impressively high memory extension, which comes in handy. Moreover, unlike other tablets, H20 helps you obtain next-gen Internet speed by supporting 5Ghz & 2Ghz WiFi and 4G LTE cellular. This means that whether you stay home or go outside, you still can enjoy streaming HD movies and videos at the same lightning-fast speed. Battery life is another main thing that should be mentioned in the first place. The massive 6000mAh batteryhas a pretty solid life and can last up to 10 hours of normal usage. However, your mileage of use will highly depend on what you're doing or how you're using it. Anyway, you don't have to worry about being suddenly disrupted by Tablet being powered off. Even if it's going to run out of battery, the fast Type C charging port will rapidly "get it back to life" in no time and let you continue working and playing non-stop all day long.

Great Stylus Experience

Yes, here's great news! Haqoin H20 is a Tablet with a stylus! It means that you don't have to consider buying a stylus separately, because it's already in the box! H20 Tablet includes a versatile and stylish alloy stylus, which goes together with two different size fiber tips (5mm/7mm), which serve different purposes. 5mm tip will allow you to jot down notes on the go and experience a unique feeling of your handwriting looks even sharper than on paper. 7mm tip pen is designed exclusively for creative minds like yours and makes drawing and creating new designs such an easy and enjoyable activity. It also can easily be used for study, since you can find plenty of free apps for Android tablets, which are connected with created especially for these activities.


Haqoin H20 comes with pleasant for eyes Space Blue color. Its sleek design with an aluminum case makes it quite premium to use. As everybody knows, a tablet lives and dies by the quality of its display. H20 Tablet has a 10.1 inches 1920*1200 FHD screen. Bright, sharp with a full spectrum of vivid colors, it's a dream for watching movies and playing games. The dual stereo speakers can easily let you forget about the existence of the real world around you and make the watching experience come alive.

Another feature that should be mentioned is the camera. Of course, you might ask who on Earth is going to take pictures with a Tablet? But the reality is, if the device's camera can take sharp, high-quality shots, it's much more comfortable to have it on the ready, rather than taking a bulky professional camera whenever you go. Tablet H20 is equipped with an 8MP rear camera that makes shaping good quality sharp shots possible. Besides, its 5MP front camera gives you an unmatchable experience with perfect quality and clear even in the dim light, so you easily hop on the conference video call or take your online lessons with no worries about where you are and what time is now.


Looking at this part, I can say that Haqoin H20 Tablet continues to impress. For the tablet of his price it still has plenty of useful and modern functions, which could compete with other big brands. Its rear camera has a facial scanner, so, you can forget about wasting your time entering the passwords manualy each time you want to open your tablet. With Haqoin H20 it takes only one smile, and you can start using it right away. Another gem is a built-in GPS chip, which turns this device into your best and most reliable guide no matter what the destination is. You don't have to worry about Internet or WiFi connection, the tablet can guide you home without any connection to the web. Haqoin H20 is also enabled with Google Voice Assistance, which makes your life much easier. Have you ever thought about continuing to stay on top of your things while driving back to work, cooking at home or doing some other stuff? The good news is that now you can easily send voice messages, set reminders and alarms, find travel directions without even touching your tablet. What's more, Google Voice Assistance can help you connect to your Smart Home system and control everything just with a command of your voice.


Do you need a tablet that can act as a laptop? No problem, Haqoin H20 got your back! If your work requires you to go on a business trips and you consider bringing your tablet with you, then the keyboard is a real must-have. The super slim and incredibly light keyboard could be purchased directly from their website. Its biggest advantage is that it is a keyboard and a case all in one. It folds, protects your screen and can be fit anywhere with ease. Moreover, you don't have to wait for a WiFi or Bluetooth connection to complete the pairing process, docking keyboard can just be directly plugged in, and get you ready for work in no time.


Should you buy it?

If you're looking for a tablet at affordable price which has pretty much of everything and even more you need to for daily life and work use, there's no better choice than Haqoin H20 Tablet. It is built to be an alternative to a laptop as well as a solid tablet experience, with power that can rival even the best and more expensive models and brands. If you're on a budget but still want to experience the possible best, this is it.


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