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How to get started using your Haoqin smartwatch

You might be now in possession of your new Haoqin Smartwatch and need to get started with it. The setup process can be fairly straightforward, but it is important to learn about all the device’s features upfront: here's what you need to know.


1)   First of all, you'll need to download the Da Fit app: just scan the following QR code and install the app.

1)   Charge the device in advance of the first usage. Connect the charging cable to your computer's adapter or USB port to charge your device

2)   Pairing your devices is the next step: all you have to do is launch the app and set your preferences. Select “device” and choose “add a device”. Click on the device you want to scan, and then click “finish”.

3)   Touchscreen allows you to discover all the functions, beginning with the control center. The system is fairly intuitive, nevertheless, you need to learn how to use the new gadget to its full potential.

4)  Learn about every function of the Haoqin watch

  • Sleep:Wearing the smartwatch as you sleep may help you track the length and quality of your sleep. Sleep trackers can alert you if you toss and turn or wake up during the night.
  • Heart Rate Test: Regularly monitoring your heart rate has many advantages, from enhancing your athletic performance to reducing stress to keeping track of your cardiovascular health. Your heart rate could be recorded continuously by this smartwatch. To begin measuring heart rate, simply tap the page.
  • Sports: Steps are automatically tracked on this smartwatch. A fitness watch with 8 sports modes, Haoqin watches come with all fitness features. Getting fitter will be a breeze with it.
  • Blood pressure test: Haoqin can also monitor blood pressure with the inventive use of a smartwatch. Maintain healthy blood pressure by following these simple steps!
  • SpO2 Test:This watch also includes a SpO2 sensor that can be used to measure blood oxygen levels, giving it even greater appeal.
  • Weather: Find out what the weather is like in the city of your choice. Weather information is available for the current day and the forecast for the following days.
  • Messages reminder:On this device, you can view notifications such as missed calls, incoming calls, WhatsApp messages, social media posts, etc.
  • Remote Shutter:Connect your phone to the camera and you can remotely control it.
  • Player shutter:When connected, you can also remotely control your device's music player.
  • Stop Watch:Your smartwatch includes a stopwatch and timer.
  • Silent alarms: Some people may not think a vibrating watch is of much use to them, but many find that vibrating alarms are much more convenient than traditional beeping alarms.
  • Theater mode:When you're eating dinner, sleeping, watching a movie, or any other time you don't wish to be interrupted by your smartwatch, you may want to put it in Theater mode. When the theater mode is activated, the device will no longer vibrate and reduce its brightness.
  • Remind to move:After one hour of sitting, the device will vibrate to remind you to get up and move.
  • Remind to Drink: Drink some water now! You'll be reminded when to drink with this smartwatch.
  • 2048 Game:The 2048 game is simple and entertaining. Get to the 2048 tile by joining the numbers!
  • Other features:brightness control, mute control, alarm, factory reset and other useful classic features are always available to use.


It’s now possible to get a powerful, intuitive smartwatch that meets your specific needs, whether it is for style, functionality, or for tracking your activities.

Haoqin watches may be the perfect choice for those seeking high-tech smartwatch features with a stylish design. You can choose from a wide selection of models, either in-store or online.

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