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Best Stress & Anxiety Relieving Exercises

The impact of wearable technology on mental and physical stress

It doesn't matter what situations we find ourselves in or if it's just a busy day at work, we all encounter stress. However, it can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. Having a stressed or anxious body is a good reason to calm it physically.

Have a regular, well-balanced diet, take a break, and exercise daily. These are all great ways to reduce stress. Besides the above options, you can also do breathing exercises to relieve stress, which is very simple and very effective. Breathing exercises have the advantage that you can begin them without any equipment or restrictions on your schedule.

What are the best exercises to ease stress and anxiety?

Each breathing exercise will have a different effect on relaxation:

  • Relax to reduce stress
  • Breathing deeply will help you feel less tired
  • You'll sleep better if you relax before bedtime
  • Stretch your chest and strengthen your muscles
  • Clear your mind of distractions

Best Exercises to Reduce Stress with yourHaoqin

Maintaining a healthy stress response system through regular physical activity can help keep it in balance.

The Workout app on your Haoqin Watch lets you track your exercises. Discover the workouts you can use on it.

The DA FIT app lets you record the number of steps taken, the number of calories burnt, the distance traveled, and GPS running details using the sport mode of your Haoqin.


Our mood can be improved by moderate exercise, which can also help us stay healthy. Researchers have found that walking releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins that relieve stress and boost our mood. The stress-relieving benefits of walking do not require a fast pace. It is possible to relax by strolling at a relaxed pace.


Aerobic exercise has neurochemical benefits for the mind. A regular exercise regimen can reduce stress hormone levels, such as adrenaline and cortisol. As well as stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers and mood enhancers, it also lowers the risk of depression.


Physical and mental health are both enhanced by cycling. Because of its accessibility, versatility, and ease of use, riding a bike is ideal.


It's a known fact that skipping comes with many benefits. Getting high-intensity exercise has never been so fun - plus it has health benefits! By skipping, you can remember what it was like to be a kid again, and burn a lot of calories in the process.


If you want a change from the gym and would like to switch things up, you could try badminton instead. Besides being a great workout, it also provides a number of health benefits as well as an opportunity to play socially and competitively.


Basketball can enhance cardiovascular health, burn calories, boost immunity, promote physical development and enhance mental well-being. As a team sport, basketball allows you to make lasting friendships and connections by participating in a club or team.


Fun and exercise are two great reasons to play football. Among its benefits are the following: it increases cardiopulmonary fitness, reduces body fat, increases muscle tone, strengthens and stretches the body, and numerous other benefits.

You can make yourself more confident, self-assured, and relax through football.


The great outdoors (and indoor climbing) provides a plethora of health and well-being benefits. The benefits of sport extend not only to physical health, but also to mental health and social well-being.

Mental health and wellbeing are becoming the most important aspects of living in the fast-changing world we live in.  

A focus on sport and physical activity allows participants to stay positive in the face of the daily stresses of life. Haoqin smartwatch serves as your personal trainer every day, enabling you to reap the many benefits of physical activity and sport!

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